Travel & Permission Information

Transportation Release Form

This section provides you with the driver approval forms and athlete permission slips. Please download applicable form and return to contact stated.

The Transportation Release Form allows parent or guardian to transport their student athlete from a non-Santa Clarita Valley athletic event. This form is to be filled out only once for the entire season.

The parent will include (on this form) all the away games that they wish to take their athlete home instead of riding back on the bus. A list will be made from the assistant principal’s office and given to coach prior to the travel season. This list will include the names of those that will be on the bus or traveling home with a parent for the entire season. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST, PLAYERS WILL NOT BE RELEASED FROM RIDING THE BUS BACK TO HART HIGH SCHOOL.

This form must be completed and signed by the parent, coach, and the assistant principal. In the event that conditions change during the season, and you are not able to pick up your son or daughter, you must notify the coach by phone, email, or in person, 24 hours in advance.

Please print a copy of this form, complete and have your daughter turn it in to their coach; we will combine all the forms and submit to the Assistant Principal as one program. If you wish to complete this form, please ensure that it is turned into the coach promptly.

Transportation Release Form

Parent Or Guardian Permission Form

Parent’s or guardian’s must fill out this form if requested by coach for athlete to travel to event. Forms not completed or turned into coach will prevent athlete from competing at event. Please download form complete and sign then return to coach.

Permission For Field Trip

Volunteer driver and DMV form

Any parent that will be driving athlete to an event will need to download and complete this form. Volunteer drivers will need to keep the top half of this form and return the bottom half to the coach. Please note volunteer drivers must also complete the “Volunteer Driver Form” also provided in this section.

If you are volunteering to drive athletes to and event Drivers must download fill out this form and attach a copy of your Driver License and a copy of you current proof of insurance. Please sign and return to the coach. If you have any questions please check with your coach.

Volunteer Driver