Coach’s Role

The High School coach will assist any player during the college process as much as the player wants to be helped. Here are some ways a coach can assist players:

  • Give an honest evaluation of where the player’s level is and if the schools they are looking at are on par with their current soccer level (this still does not mean they will play at the school as that is up to the current coach, their style, number of players returning, etc…)
  • Will make phone calls on behalf of our players
  • Will sit down with the player (and parents if they like, but the player is the one going to school, so the most important person at the meeting) to discuss ideas, ways to put together a resume, cover letter, etc.

There are numerous things a coach will help with in regards to our players and the college process–however, please note that a lot of the work does fall on the individual player and the coaching staff is here as a resource. It is up to the player to decide how much help they want and how much help they need.

Last thing–no matter how good you are as a soccer player, if you are not a fit academically for that school, there is nothing that coach can do. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP UP ON YOUR GRADES SO THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR SCHOOL AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!